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Trip Report – Mt Binser

Source: Canterbury / Westland Uprising Newsletter (August 2019)

Saturday, 10 July, lead by Richard McGill

Firstly, a massive thanks to Maike Clayton and Penny for running a session on club trip planning in June.  It was extremely useful and made the process of organising my first club trip a piece of cake.

The day started out with 12 C/W members arriving at the Yaldhurst Tavern Pub to meet and sort the transport The size of the party meant a convoy of 3 full vehicles and the drive up provided a great opportunity for everyone to get to know one another Thanks to Sam, Shane and Rich for driving!

Once we turned off onto Mt White Road we all got our first glimpse of Mt Binser.  The excitement of finally seeing the days objective certainly helped each of us get out of warm cars into what was a rather fresh Upper Waimak valley morning.  Our plan was to head up the Binser Saddle Track and then finish further up Mt White Road at Poverty Flat so the pre departure activities included organising the car shuttle.

The weather forecast had us starting in cloud with a rather stiff southerly blowing this away by lunch.  This held true and we started under a rather thick layer of cloud which licked only the highest of nearby peaks, but not Binser.  The Southerly had also given Binser a dusting of snow

The first part of our trip had the party walking up the DOC track to Binser Saddle.  Spirits were high and party made quick process with all but a few delayering stops given the rather cold start The route quickly turned up the volume as we went right and started heading straight up to Pt 1753 This initially involved a 30 minute bush bash Once in the clear, the fun really started with a full on assault of Pt 1753.  Rachel and Jennifer did a tremendous job leading the way with the rest of us puffing behind in what was then rather calm conditions.  We hit the ridge just below Pt 1753 and, as expected, received the full force of the Southerly With noon fast approaching it was an easy decision to lunch just off the ridge in a more sheltered spot With bellies full and ski goggles on, we then set off along the ridge for a rather exposed (to the wind) climb up and down the ridge past pt 1831 and then proper Binser itself This was definitely type 2 fun The wind chill
was certainly one of the coldest I’ve experienced with the views often obscured by dark puffs of enveloping cloud.

Once on the summit of Binser the group enjoyed a short break and group photo. As reward for our efforts, the wind seemed to ease a little and finally, as predicted, the cloud started to break up revealing one of the best views in APNP It was bitter sweet to have to descend just as the weather was improving, but at least we were facing the right way on the way down to enjoy it The fresh soft snow was a godsend making for an easier plod down than if pure scree The only victim of the decent was Kate’s left boot sole which decided to come loose from the rest of her boot Thankfully, Kate had carried a second pair of more solid boots if crampons were needed!

All up, the Binser Trip was a fantastic day out It was a delight to organise and fantastic group of people to get out on the tops with.

Trip participants Bridget White, Shane Jacobs, Carmen Jacobs, Jennifer Ormsbee Rachel Smith, Sam Leary, Mel Lecompte Kate Bailue Timothy Hargraves, Lucy
Phillips, James Barker and Rich McGill

Posted: 05/09/19

Posted By: Narina Sutherland