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Trip Report – Mt Chittenden

By: Ben Winnubst

Source: Nelson / Marlborough Section Newsletter (September 2018)

The peak is often climbed in a long day from Connors Creek Hut, however I considered that a better use of time would be to spend a couple of hours walking up the creek and camping out, rather than hang out at the hut. And we did find a good tussock campsite, below Chittenden.

Adam went for a walk to look at some ice, while Ben, Jerome, Josh and Liam selected tent sites and enjoyed the sun. Later that afternoon, three people were seen coming down.

They had come in by MTB, reaching the hut at 9am, then walked up and climbed to the top.

Adventure racers all, and makes ordinary people look unfit!

Next morning, left at 5.30am, cool clear conditions.  Not far to the snow, which was mostly good, and we were aided further by using steps made by Kadin, Jake and Nathan on the previous day.

Thanks guys, from the oldies in our team.

Posted: 04/10/18

Posted By: Narina Sutherland