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Trip Report: Mt Cupola

Mt Cupola

We arrived at Cupola Hut late afternoon with light snow.  Reuben, the fire maker, was quickly on task, whilst I headed above the bush line to assess snow conditions.  10cm of light powder on a 5cm raincrust which took a good amount of force to break through.  Good news as we had feared a slow plod due to recent snows.

The forecast proved accurate and we were out on the snow with clear sky and a chilling wind.  We made our way across to the standard winter route.  I had imagined climbing a narrow gully seen in the summer, but the snowfall had been plentiful over the winter resulting in a wide snow slope.


Straight forward climbing with some care as the light powder had no hold and the raincrust was hard ice in places. It wasn’t too long before we climbed onto the summit ridge and made our way to the top.  Wonderful views in all directions were taken in as well as a few selfies.

Two thirds the way down the gully, bum sliding became the preferred method of descent, so it was crampons off and smiles on.  Quickly we were level with the hut, so just a short walk above the bushline back to the hut for another night.

Pete Wilke, Reuben McCormack, Gerard Mayes

Posted: 14/10/15

Posted By: Narina Sutherland