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Trip Report – Ocean Peak

Photo: Jaz Morris.  Lil Clearwater and Ryan Taylor near the summit of Ocean Peak, with the Hollyford River and the Darrans Mountains behind.

Source: Otago Section Newsletter

Following on from a successful Snowcraft Course earlier in the year, instructors Danilo Hegg and Jaz Morris led a ‘post-Snowcraft’ trip to Ocean Peak, climbing its western flanks via Lake Mackenzie. A lastminute car-breakdown and cold easterly snowfall saw the trip’s party diminished and location changed completely (from a now snow-plastered Eyre Peak). Nico Cogan, Lil Clearwater, and Ryan Taylor were all too happy to seek sunnier weather in Fiordland and climbed Ocean Peak in perfect weather and snow conditions before a brief (and rather cold) swim in Lake Mackenzie.

Posted: 07/12/16

Posted By: Narina Sutherland