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Trip Report – Red Mountain

Photo: Nina Dickerhof

By: James Thornton

Photos: Nina Dickerhof

Source: Canterbury/Westland Section Newsletter (June 2017)

During late April Nina Dickerhof and I headed down to South Westland and spent 10 days in the Red Hills/Olivine Range Area. We thrashed our way up the Cascade River and traversed along to Red Mountain, which has commanding views of the surrounding countryside, the Central Olivines (Mt Holloway etc), the Plateau peaks, as well as Madeleine and Tutoko, which stood proudly on the horizon above Stag Pass.

From here we cruised off the Red Hills and down into the Cascade River to the “delightful” flats above the Cascade Gorge. To get onto the Olivine Range we battled our way up into Captains Creek through a mine field of gigantic schist blocks and gained the crest of the Olivine Range just north of Joe Peak.

The crux of the trip was a knife edge section of ridge just south of Bald Mountain, although a sneaky gully system allowed us to get through here relatively easily.

Fine weather then allowed us to traverse along the marvellous tops all the way through to Lakes Leeband Clarke.

Posted: 31/05/17

Posted By: Narina Sutherland