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Trip Report – Restricted Licence to Climb

By: Riley Smith & Tanja de Wilde

Source: Otago Climber Newsletter (Jan 2018)

After getting my restricted driver’s licence, my first major road trip was to Chinaman’s Bluff, in Glenorchy. Thankfully the drive was fine (apart from being rather long) and I arrived at the Dart Road end in one piece. I was especially happy that my fake 4WD Hyundai Getz made it through all the wee fords!

The next morning, I woke up to the biggest swarm of sandflies I’ve ever encountered, before Tanja and I set out to climb the famous “Ravages of Time”. Tanja led the first pitch, which left me trembling when I realized that I had the infamous corner/roof traverse on the second pitch.

Thankfully, the climbing went fine, and it was soon time for a snack and a drink on the “Lunch ledge”. The next few pitches were relaxing 16’s, however it was still interesting due do the nice amount of exposure, and stunning views of the many peaks surrounding the valley.

We made it to the “usual” top after about four and a half hours of climbing and decided that we would scramble up and give the next pitch a go. Up here the views were unbelievable, and the nice crack lead to an easy slab, where Tanja who was on lead, thought it was all over. However after the crack the climb changes to slab, then to overhanging, leaving us pumped out of our minds by the time we were at the top! Overall, we had an excellent day out, we took our time, and enjoyed the views, and climbing – the way it should be!

Posted: 22/03/18

Posted By: Narina Sutherland