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Trip Report – Tent Peak

By: James Thornton (photo by Allan Brent)

Source: Uprising (C/W Section) Newsletter (Feb 2018)

On a Friday after work Allan Brent and I wandered into Cameron Hut to a balmy summers’ evening. Allan had forgotten his drink bottle, which was rather dire given the behaviour of the old mercury. Luckily, a couple of fortress stainless steel screw containers were lying about the hut, making for a mineral infused drink bottle alternative.

After a blustery night we set forth at an uncommonly civilised hour for the sport, and made our way up towards Peg Col, before veering left and scrambling up the east face. The rock wasn’t halfway bad, and for those so inclined, the steeper country seemed to comprise fairly solid looking red tinged rock.

We were back at the hut for a light lunch before ambling back off down valley, stopping frequently to take on board coolants on what was a real scorcher of a day.

Posted: 22/03/18

Posted By: Narina Sutherland