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Trip Report – The Caterpillar & Green Geisha

By: Jenny Cossy

Source: Vertigo (Wellington Section Newsletter) (Feb 2018)

The reclusive rope lay alone on the floor at the bottom of the cupboard for a month. The sunlight that squeezed under the narrow draught gap lit her furry coat with dappled light, hinting at a life beyond the door – open spaces, fresh air and caressing hands stroking her fluffy sheath surrounding her core.

Late Thursday night, or Friday before dawn, he whispered to her, your time has come to shine and he grabbed her with strong calloused hands and coiled her into the bottom of his pack. In her contorted  position she flew south and west, rattled over the hill and curled up with him all night in anticipation of an early morning rendezvous with the Seagrass Wall.

Warm and curvaceous rock basked in the sun above her as her partner gently unbound her and laid her out in a well coiled pile. Feeling loved and wanted, a partner of years, the Caterpillar ascended the unpopulated wall, searching for shining bolts to be attached to with carabiner jewellery. She rose to the sun with excitement.

Lurking in a blue bag, base of cliff bottom left, the Green Geisha appeared. This stunning, sleek, bi-coloured, latest technology rope stunned the general population and slithered in style quickly overtaking the slowly crawling Caterpillar. Other ropes looked on.

Zoro looked on nonchalantly and disappeared around the corner to eye up an unrequited love, a tall 25 that could flare a man’s temper and make him bleed for more. Zoro returned. The choice was hard. The gorgeous new girl on the block with smooth skin and supple moves, or the reliable old favourite, slightly short in stature, middle age spread appearing with a slight afro.

The crowd kept the girls apart, climbing relentlessly up Seagrass Wall and Franklin’s Tower to ring the bell. All ropes having no rest as the eight climbers had fun in the sun.

Zoro finally made his choice, his old favourite the Caterpillar for his March 2017 project on Bo Peep Slab. Alas her ageing stretch did not allow him to reach his final goal and was swiftly replaced with the Green By-stander while he waited for the Green Geisha to appear. This young, energetic and enthusiastic rope climbed upward with glee. But, alas, at the final draw she lacked experienced to assist our hero in his quest. With their bodies worn out and our stomachs impatiently rumbling, they began their descent to The Dangerous Kitchen and the Waitapu Springs Spa and Sauna.

The youthful Green Geisha snuck away into the night with Stacey and John to send Franklin’s Tower at midnight and ring the night bell.

Crease Wall and Stone Symposium Wall on Sunday gave us all some needed shade yet left us with sore fingertips.

The Caterpillar was a great top rope enabler, giving so much friction that not all belay devices could handle her furry bountiful body. The Green Geisha, with a sleek smooth form was always in great demand to lead the way.

Many made their own great achievements with amazing support from everyone. Marie led the classy Temple of Stone(18) even as fear clung to her most of the way. John on-sighted his first twenty. Marie on-sighted Anxiety Status(18) and Scarlet brilliantly seconded it. Matt returned to abseiling after a 15 year break and Jenny, the sun lizard, searched for sunny rock in between her swift ascents. Paul in the searing sun left his faithful friend behind in the shade and sweated up the Temple of Stone with the Green Geisha. Zoro, reserving his energy for the next day, fixated on his project….

Fine dining at dusk at Hangdog, among the crowds of Canterbury University students on a three day holiday, the wine and beer flowed. Games of Avalon were played and the accusations became wilder and more heated. Strange characters emerged from their shells as their cunning alter egos took over.

The Caterpillar called and the team were in the van by 7.45am on Monday heading to Bo Peep Slab at Pohara. The Caterpillar craving sunlight and heat, slipped off to Franklin’s Tower to enjoy peace and quiet, sniffing the pink and white flowers on the tower’s ledges. The Green Geisha was requisitioned for go-pro activities on the stunning 18, far left of the project. The girls had left him, and Zoro returned to the Green Bystander to attempt his ascent of the 25 project. Without the wise old Caterpillar or the youthful Green Geisha, his clean triumph lay just beyond his tired, worn out fingertips. It was not to be. Hence the next NZAC Meet was plotted, a return to Bo Peep Wall March 2018 with his own beloved rope.

The Caterpillar was reunited with her loved one, who scooped her up into his arms, smiled and gently took her home to rest. The Green Geisha silently slithered away.

Posted: 20/03/18

Posted By: Narina Sutherland