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Trip Report: The Mahitahi

Over the Christmas break Nina Dickerhof and James Thornton spent some time taking in the lovely scenery of South Westland. They travelled up the Mahitahi Valley and over into the Zora, making a climb of Mount Strachan from Mueller Pass on the way. The following day they climbed onto the Zircon Glacier, however, the summit of Fettes eluded them.

The rest of the trip was spent descending into the Landsborough, which they then followed to its head. A traverse of The Gladiator brought them to Karangarua Saddle from where they climbed the striking Mount Townsend via a couloir on the northern side of the west ridge, which they then followed to the summit. An amble down the beautiful Karangarua Valley concluded the trip.

Posted: 18/02/16

Posted By: Sefton Priestley