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Trip Report – Waipapa Dam

Source: CNI February Newsletter

We had planned on a trip to Waipapa for the month of February, but that fell through. It only made sense to carry on to Waipapa for the month of March. This happened on March 5th. The drive down was peppered with some quite lovely scenes. My favourite was the peak of Pirongia peeking out of a sea of fog.

The team consisted of recent graduates of the Rock Introduction course, Erica and Ellen. It was a bit warm, but not too bad. Part of our plan was to get there early to avoid some of the heat of the day so we departed Hamilton at 7:30am and was at the Dam by 9am. There are some rocks right by the Dam, but these are verboten.

There are some lovely hidden gems up on the hill including a ghost village where the only thing left is the roads, curbs, and foundations. You start out that particular adventure by using an unused concrete stairway covered with shrubs and trees. That was not where we were going though!

A quick hike in along the river led us to the main cliff as imaged in the Freeclimb guide:waipapadamcni1

Before arriving there we had to take some obligatory glamour shots. The area is very scenic!waipapadamcni2

We poked around up and down the crag here and there. It was very lovely to be in the woods and climbing.

I’m not honestly sure where we ended up, but there was some nice climbing there.

We made our way eventually to the other side of the major slip. It had been previously filled with other climbers, but by the time we made it back there it was clearer. After a good look around, we took turns on Honey Bee. Up on the rock, in the sun, it was much hotter so it really paid to do it quicker! There’s some good bouldering problems there so we poked around there too.

Posted: 09/05/16

Posted By: Narina Sutherland