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Hut management is coordinated through the National Office. Please contact Margaret if you discover any maintenance issues, not listed below, that require attention. Work parties are usually carried out by members of the South Canterbury Section. Unwin Lodge has an ‘Owner’s Manual’ (PDF) that supplies greater information on most of the following that has copies both at the lodge and National Office. The NZAC request that eco-friendly products are used (where possible) for work party tasks and when re-stocking cleaning supplies for day-to-day use.


Work-party tasks

(some may be carried out by on-site Managers)

Priority tasks:

  • Macrocarpa deck needs to have nails hammered in and to be sanded back and oiled/stained instead of painted.
  • There is water pooling on windowsill at the west end of the Harper Room window that needs addressing. In addition, there is water running down from the handle on the 2nd window above.
  • Painting of eaves was partially completed by Pip (outside bathrooms and Fyfe Room with second coat done by two non-NZAC volunteers. Approx. two days? work on this remains to be done.

General tasks:

  • Degreasing of kitchen extractor inside and out. Done biennially ComDuc (due Nov 2021).
  • Rabbit stations checked and relocated as necessary. More bait is available via National Office.
  • Carpet cut for around native plants for weed suppression.
  • Re-supply of firewood (done for winter 2019).

The next work party for Unwin Lodge tba Please contact the organisers if you are interested in helping out: Lodge Managers, Simon and Pip


Future Upgrade Work


Priority tasks:

  • Condensation issue with windows (Chas was following up on Nov 2014?)

Less urgent:

  • Small petrol generator, portable required
  • Two of the three lounge ceiling fans are still working. One was faulty and removed. The purpose of the fans is to keep warm air flowing downwards when heat rises to the ceiling.
  • Timer for bathroom lights as they are always left on. Alternatively a motion sensor, perhaps?
  • Is it possible to replace the fluorescent tubes with an LED set-up?


Capital expenditure plan:

  • Plan for rolling over the replacement of items (including mattresses and other items as below)
  • Lodge freezer is over 30yrs and will need replacing
  • Tabletops were resurfaced, but likely this will need doing again in a few years time, so something to plan ahead for.
  • The washing machine is a Maytag commercial one but is very old (2003). Model spares were still available as of Nov 2014.

Note that full supplier details can be obtained through the National Office, e.g. customer and/or order numbers. Major expenditure items require pre-approval via CCM/National Office. Work-party reimbursement requests should be accompanied by GST receipts and payment details. Similarly, supplier GST invoices should be forwarded to the office when they are not going to be paid by the Section directly.


Compliance and Safety Requirements

  • Fire Extinguishers serviced annually by: Wormalds, Christchurch: 1 x 4.5kg powder -lounge; 2 x 2.1kg powder -hall and Manager’s house and 2 x .9 powder (family rooms) extinguishers serviced June 2019.
  • Point to point system installed to Manager’s House so that lodge alarm is heard there also (June 2016)
  • Two fire blankets purchased 16 Jan 2015 – Mini Blazon (x5) and 1800 x 1800 blanket (x1)
  • Fire panel batteries replaced March 2016
  • The fire safety system is checked every three months ending 31st Mch/July/Oct/Jan and a complete annual survey is carried out around November by Southgate Fire and Safety. The subsequent completed 12A forms are then used towards Unwin’s WOF Building Compliance Certificate. Further details on the fire safety system (including detectors) are in the Unwin manual. Detectors serviced June 2019.
  • The WOF Building Compliance Certificate is completed by Southgate Fire & Safety’s IQP Inspector Tony Smith of Fire Safety Solutions Ltd. Compliance certificate valid until 9 September 2020
  • LPG Hazardous Substances Certificate is required for our gas system. Four 45kg tanks supply the water heating system and up to 8 tanks can be accommodated in the housing cage if required. Annual service check done: February 2019. There are currently 7 tanks on-site. The certificate is renewed annually and issued by MFI Compliance Ltd – certificate valid until 31 January 2020. The onsite Manager has to have completed an LPG Safety training course. The current Manager, Simon Middlemass, successfully completed this distance learning course with LPG Training Ltd in 2018. If Simon leaves Unwin, any new Manager will have to complete this course as it can only be held by an individual and not a site.


Waste System

General Rubbish Bins are supplied in the kitchen area. These are separated under the different types of waste for removal to wheelie bins. The lodge pays DOC levies to be included with the Mt Cook village rubbish collection service.

Sewage System Kevin Tonner, Tonner Plumbing is contracted to check the solids/scum levels of the septic tanks at the Lodge and Manager’s House annually (done February 2019). Following the inspection, a decision is made whether a service is required. Servicing of the tanks is carried out by S J Allen Ltd, Timaru – Managers’ House tank and  Lodge tanks serviced April 2018 (15,000 litres Lodge and 2,500 litres Managers’ House extracted). Next service 2020 if it hasn’t been done earlier following the annual inspection (note extra servicing was carried out in June 2017 and April 2018 with only 1-year gap due to high scum levels). Manager’s House – tank capacity 2500 litre. Believed to have been installed in 1976. Lodge – tanks are located in front of the deck. 10,000-litre tank feeds into another 10,000-litre settling tank and finally into a 5,000-litre pump chamber. Note: the first tank holds solids so fills quicker, the second tank holds water and semi-solids and the third tank houses the pump and water. Installed in 2011.


Unwin fire tank installation 4

Water System

Water is supplied to the lodge and house via Sawyer Stream, through a pipe then to two black polythene tanks that act as gravel and sand filters. A further pipe leads the water from there to two  30,000-litre storage tank. Water filters at the lodge end of the system, require cleaning and replacing as per the Building Owner’s Maintenance Schedule checklist. Hot water is generated for the ablution block via 4no Rinnai continuous flow water heaters located in the laundry. Hot water for the kitchen is supplied via a 40ltr electric hot water cylinder to the taps. A 2.5ltr Rheem water boiling wall-mounted unit is also provided (Model 31204515).


#1 –
#2 – 5-micron inline 20BPF05 replaced 7/3/2019


Rates and Fees

  • DOC – Local Body Levies charged quarterly based on village stakeholder share
  • Environment Canterbury – annual compliance admin charge for the discharge of human effluent



  • Gas: Supplied by Rockgas MacKenzie/Hi Flo Plumbing, Oamaru. System serviced by Kevin Tonner, Tonner Plumbing, Twizel annually.
  • General supplies: McKeown Group Ltd, Oamaru
  • Phone and Internet: Vodafone (fixed-line and broadband), Spark (cellphone)
  • Plumbing: Kevin Tonner, Tonner Plumbing, Twizel
  • Power: Electricity invoiced monthly by Contact Energy
  • Septic Tank: Serviced by S J Allen Ltd, Timaru with an annual check made by Tonner Plumbing (filters/solids levels, etc.)



  • BBQ: 4 burner s/steel, powder-coated – Garth, Meteor Deluxe (2015) – needs replacing as rusting out
  • Computer: Manager’s House – HP
  • Defibrillator: Heartstart FRx Defibrillator (July 2016 – new battery 2020)
  • Dehumidifier: Delonghi DES16EW (July 2015)
  • Dryer: none – washing line by woodshed at the rear of the lodge and drying room in the shed.
  • Fly Zapper: Nelson fly zapper (purchase date unknown)
  • Fridge: Fisher & Paykel whiteware upright (2013)
  • Freezer: Kelvinator chest freezer – very old, maybe 1980’s?
  • Heating: Lounge: wood burner; Bunkrooms: Skope Convection Panel Heaters; Bathrooms: Skope Bathroom Fan Heaters; Heaters work on PDL 648TM preset timers being activated.
  • Kettles: Russell Hobbs x 2 (2012) – one replaced (2015) (age of current items not now known by 2019)
  • Microwave: Breville Ikom (2011)
  • Projector: Sanyo PLC-XU106 (purchase date unknown)
  • Stoves: Westinghouse Mercury stoves x 2 (2013); Turbofan E27M3 oven (2019)
  • Gas burners: Two cast-iron gas hobs; also new stainless steel twin-burner gas hobs with flame failure installed March 2017 Toasters:
  • Russell Hobbs 4-slice (2012), Zip 2-slice (2012) and Zip 4-slice (older) New Nov 2015 – 2x 4-slice Zip 454 toaster
  • Vacuum Cleaner: Vacuum VP300 Series – manual (February 2019)
  • Washing machine: Maytag Commercial washer (installed 8/3/2003)
  • Woodburner: Fisher (possibly 70-80’s to check)
  • Manager’s House Fridge: Fisher & Paykel upright Stove: Simpson Neptune Stove Toaster: Zip 4-slice (old), Magnum p200 Wood Fire (1993)



  • Couches: Two 3-seater couches purchased from Furniture Court Timaru Dec 2016
  • Curtains:
    Lodge: Mostly from renovations (2011) (Thomson bunkroom new curtains Nov 2014)
    Managers’ House: new lounge curtains March 2019
  • Mattresses: all replaced with new, December 2015
  • Seats: swabs on benches, plus various office chairs (old)



Access: Unwin bookings must be made through the on-site Managers Simon and Pip Middlemass. The phone number for bookings and enquiries is 027 523 5360.

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