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Update on the closure of Auckland Grammar School Rockwall (Mount Eden Quarry)

On Tuesday morning we had an encouraging meeting with The Headmaster and Property Manager of Auckland Grammar School.

We were re-assured of the school’s support for climbing on the rock-wall and the constructive working relationship that has endured over many decades.

The decision by the school Board to close the walls for climbing was made reluctantly, under urgency, and based on independent legal advice.

The cliffs, consisting of a dis-established quarry, are challenging terrain for the school to manage within its workplace. With recent changes in health and safety legislation, the school sought guidance on its legal obligations in relation to the cliffs. That guidance has raised some issues and, understandably, the school has decided to suspend access while it seeks to better understand and then develop a plan to manage that risks that it must manage.

In addition, climbing and the consequences of climbing accidents on school property is quite rightly a broader concern of management and the Board and one they take seriously.

We as your representatives have agreed to work with the school to find a solution to our mutual concerns.

Please understand that it takes time to consult, identify options and reach agreement and we will keep you informed every step of the way.

Thank you for your patience,

Peter Cammell, John Palmer, Sarah-Lee Stead, Mark Jones

Posted: 22/06/17

Posted By: Ashlee