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Update: Routes rebolted at Port Chalmers Quarry

Last month we reported on the re-bolting of the routes ‘Elevator’ (23) and ‘Ren’ (25) at Port Chalmers and can now advise that the adjacent route ‘Stimpy’ (19) has now been rebolted as well, meaning the crag right of ‘Chakrata Wall’ is now good to go. The bolts replaced were early-1990s rawl bolts which did the job for many years but had fallen victim to age and rather impressive rust.

A couple of people got back to us about the strategy used with the new bolts, which are a glue-in type not previously used in Dunedin. The route-equipper, Jaz, appreciated the feedback from a couple of correspondents on ‘counter-sinking’ the eye of the bolt to prevent possible twisting, a technique which was used subsequently for the rebolting of ‘Stimpy.’ Based on advice received, the rebolting of the first two routes was adequate, but counter-sinking is preferable. We appreciate all feedback like this – and it’s good to be aware that all rebolting is done by volunteers to the best of their ability – so climbers should always question the vintage and quality of all anchors (and, on some of our crags, the underlying rock too!).If you see any issues with the new bolting, or bolting at any other crags in Dunedin, let us know and we’ll find a keen local who is happy to look into it.

Posted: 10/11/15

Posted By: Narina Sutherland