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Uprising Boulder Gym

A newly opened climbing gym in Woolston, is happy to announce that it will offer a discount to all New Zealand Alpine Club members. The discounted rate of $12 gives all-day access to the gym’s climbing wall and training facilities.

Uprising is purpose-built to help climbers improve their technique, build power, and unlock their full potential. The gym features a bouldering wall with a circuit system set by some of the country’s best climbers, as well as a campus board, Moon board, and exercise area with cross-training equipment and hang boards.

Uprising also offers classes for beginners as well as for climbing veterans. The Intro to Bouldering class is offered at no additional cost to the casual entry fee. This hour-long class covers the basics of bouldering, spotting, and training techniques. Equipment hire is also provided free of charge.

For more experienced climbers, the “Movement Essentials” class can help unlock tricky problems and keep you progressing instead of plateauing. The class stresses the importance of building proper technique instead of focusing on pure strength. Upcoming sessions of both classes will be taught by Mark Pugh-Williams, a seasoned climber and coach.

The facility is open weekdays from noon – 8 p.m., and weekends from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

For more information, to pre-register, or to sign up for a class, visit

Posted: 25/01/16

Posted By: Sefton Priestley