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Veteran’s Meet 1990 – Arthur’s Pass

In 1990 the New Zealand Alpine Club held a Veteran members meet at the Club’s Arthur’s Pass Lodge. This was a chance for a get-together and hike in the local area, including one to Lake Kaurapataka, followed by a dinner and speeches featuring the then Club President Geoff Gabites.

The following film was passed in to us as a VHS tape and has now been converted to a digital format so that we are able to share this with you via the Club’s Vimeo account. The film link will also remain on the Club Archive webpage for future viewing. A direct link is provided here for your initial look: NZAC Veterans’ Meet 1990.

We would love to hear from members who could put some names to faces seen throughout this video. Perhaps using the initial scene in Arthur’s Pass Lodge so that we can make a diagram up of who is who. Noted during the filming is that a still image was also taken of the group. Does anyone have a copy of this image for our Archives, please? Or perhaps you are in this film and have some personal photos you would like to share?

Half-way through Jack Ede makes an appearance for the Lake Kaurapataka hike and there are others who just came to attend the celebratory dinner that it would be nice to add to the list of names. Please contact Margaret if you have any further information to add. Thank you.


Posted: 29/03/19

Posted By: Margaret McMahon