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2001 Centennial Hut General

Centennial Hut


Franz Josef Glacier, Westland National Park



Centennial Hut will be re-opening on Saturday 16 May. To comply with Covid19 level 2 restrictions, the following restrictions and requirements are in place until further notice.

You MUST not use our facilities if you are unwell and they are not suitable for self-isolation.

Where the capacity of the hut is greater than 10, it is now reduced to no more than 10. We have no booking systems for these huts and are relying on people’s honesty and common sense. You must still pay your hut fees.

Many of these alpine huts are very small, and you will need to consider back-up arrangements in case you arrive and there are already others using the facility in order to maintain social distancing. If it is possible to share the facility while maintaining social distance, consider discussing staggered mealtimes and common room use with other parties who are also there.

Keeping yourself and others safe

It’s important that visitors take responsibility for their own Covid-19 hygiene and safety:

  • Clean the hut and toilet before you use it and before you leave the hut
  • You need to carry your own cleaning and protective equipment to safely use shared facilities (including toilets)
  • Enable contact tracing – every user must complete the hut book. Take a picture of it if you are able for future reference if needed.
  • Practise physical distancing – 2 m for people you do not know
  • Have a Plan B in case you arrive and others are already using the facility – take a tent.

Note: You need to log in first, when booking, to obtain member rates. 

Notes: from the Department of Conservation (updated 24 Jan 2020)

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the Westland Tai Poutini National Park Visitor Centre will remain at Winter season opening hours until further notice.

The nightly radio weather sked with Pioneer, Almer, Centennial and Chancellor huts will be at 1705, rather than 1805 as listed on the posters in the huts.

If guides or clients require a weather forecast but are arriving at the hut later than 1705 they can radio the DoC Visitor Centre the following morning from 0830 to request a forecast update.

DoC hopes to extend to later summer hours further on in the season (0830-1800).


Named to mark the centennial of the Club (formed in1891), this alpine hut sits on a small outcrop of rock that protrudes from the Franz Josef névé. The vista of the sea lapping the west coast is spread below, and the peaks of the southern alps tower above.


Tusk Rock, Franz Josef névé.
Detailed map below.


20 bunks with mattresses only, limited electric light, radio to heli company and DoC, phone charger port, USB (50cm cord min), water tank.

Plates, cutlery, pots, scrubbers, toaster, espresso maker,  teapot.


Air access to Davis Snowfield. Typically ground parties will come from either Almer Hut, Pioneer Hut, or Graham Saddle.


Hut fees payable online by credit card or bank transfer (NZ accounts only) – see above, or to Department of Conservation Mt Cook or Westland, or to the NZAC National Office, PO Box 786, Christchurch.

  • Members $20 per night
  • Non-members $40 per night
  • Day-use $15 pp



No bookings are possible. The hut is open all year round and beds are allocated on a first-in first-served basis.

Location Map:

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Point Location:

POINT (170.23328304 -43.507725)
NZTopo50: BX16 761 794
NZMS260 (old): H35 860 410


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