Bolting Fund Grant Application

The New Zealand Alpine Club supports the development of climbing in New Zealand, maintenance of climbing areas in New Zealand, and access to New Zealand’s climbing areas.

Unfortunately, some of the fixed equipment at our crags is inadequate and/or requires replacement due to corrosion.

The New Zealand Alpine Club is committed to helping the New Zealand climbing community replace substandard equipment, helping with other amenities at climbing areas that help to foster good relationships between climbers and landowners, and supporting community actions that encourage access to climbing areas.

To apply for a grant from the Bolting Fund, please read the following, then complete and submit the application form.

Conditions of grants:

  • Grants are only available for current NZAC members
  • Successful applicants must read, understand and adhere to the NZAC Bolting Policy and NZAC Technical Guidelines for Bolting
  • Successful applicants must provide information about the new climb/s or re-bolting of old climbs to NZAC.
  • Any unused equipment supplied by the fund must be returned back to the NZAC National Office in Christchurch.
  • If you intend to add bolts to an existing route, you must satisfy the committee that a consensus agreement has been reached between yourself, the first ascensionist and the wider climbing community that such action is appropriate.
  • NZAC will usually supply equipment rather than cash. You must supply a full and itemised quote from a supplier

Grant considerations:

Priority will be given to rebolting of existing routes that have substandard fixed protection and routes that have the potential for a high use rate (quality, access and diversification of an area’s grade range will be considered).

The fund also supports the provision of crag development (toilets, signs etc) and other projects that advocate for access to New Zealand climbing areas.

In some cases, the fund will support the development of new routes, provided they meet the ‘high-use potential’ criteria specified above.  

Before applying for a Bolting Fund grant, please make sure you have read the NZAC Code of Conduct and the NZAC Bolting Standards available below.

NZAC Bolting Standards    NZAC Code of Conduct for Rock Climbers

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