Select one of the forms below depending on your location and forward the completed form to [email protected].  

Non-members can complete and email the application form. To take up the policy you must then join the Club.

International Travel Insurance for New Zealand Members - application form here

Travel Insurance for Australian Members travelling to New Zealand - application form here

Loss of Deposits cover for New Zealand members paying for a Course of Instruction held in New Zealand - application form here

Insurance cover must be taken out for your entire trip from leaving New Zealand/Australia to returning home – this is regardless of when you may be participating in your higher risk activity (mountaineering, rock climbing, etc). On a case by case basis one-way ticket holders may apply, see our FAQ page for details on what information is required with your application.

If your trip is leaving from and returning to Australia, the only place we can offer cover for at this time is to New Zealand. We are currently unable to offer policies for trips to other destinations world-wide.  We are however continually working on obtaining cover for our Australian members and so if you would like to, please send your personal and trip details to [email protected] as this can be used as further evidence for us to present to possible insurers.

If you have an Existing Medical Condition(s), you may need to attach an additional form with your application even if you do not require cover for the condition, as this may affect the terms and availability of cover under this Policy.  

For a copy of the Policy wording click here.  Please do not contact the insurer directly, if you have any questions please email [email protected].

For Loss Of Deposits for courses in New Zealand Cancellation and Travel Disruption Endorsement click here. Please do not contact the insurer directly, if you have any question please email [email protected].

You should take out travel insurance at the time of booking overseas travel. Do not leave until the last minute, because that will incur additional fees and/or leave you without insurance because you left it too late to organise before departure.

Some FAQ re Covid and cover

If a customer chooses to depart and travel against the advice of the New Zealand Government ie a Level 4 warning “Do not travel” and the alert level drops while they are on their journey, would selected cover* for epidemic and pandemic diseases kick in at this point?

We will assess whether or not the claim arose from the decision to travel despite the travel warning. If after our assessment we find that it did not arise from the decision to travel despite the warning, we would consider the claim.

If I contract Covid-19 in transit to my destination country do I have selected cover* for epidemic and pandemic diseases?

Yes, providing that the country you are travelling to does not have a Level 4 warning “Do not travel”

Does selected cover* for epidemic and pandemic diseases including Covid-19 apply for my cruise holiday?

Yes, however, this is dependent on the countries you plan on travelling to. If there is Level 4 “Do not travel” then epidemic and pandemic cover is excluded and is not available in our policies.

Does selected cover* for epidemic and pandemic diseases still apply if I am unvaccinated?

Yes, there is no requirement to be vaccinated/boosted under our policy. However, if the destination country requires an inbound traveller to be vaccinated then the traveller must be able to meet these entry requirements. This also applies to the condition of carriage for example of the airline they are travelling. There is no cover if denied boarding or entry to a country due to being unvaccinated.

Are there any mandatory epidemic and pandemic insurance requirements pertaining to entering certain countries?

Many countries even before the pandemic had compulsory health and travel insurance requirements but many more have since added rules, typically around Covid-19 medical expenses and the associated costs. The coverage type and amount necessary varies per vaccination status and country. Prior to travelling, check with the nearest embassy, consulate or immigration department of the destination.

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