Since 1891 NZAC has been the hub of NZ climbing, and as such has amassed a rich and varied history, much of which is well documented. Whilst the Hocken Archives, under the NZAC Collection, remains the primary place for the NZAC paper and image records, we are making increasing amounts of material available online, for example, the NZ Alpine Journal archive. In addition, you will find many back-issues of both the NZ Alpine Journal and The Climber magazine for sale in our online shop.

The inaugural meeting of the New Zealand Alpine Club was held on the 11th of March 1891 and was called by a notice signed by G E Mannering and A P Harper. The latter was elected as the Club’s first Secretary and Treasurer, while his father, Leonard Harper, was elected first President.


Our motto was suggested by Leonard Harper, who was elected the New Zealand Alpine Club’s first President in 1891. It can be translated: ‘Take Action and Pursue Our Goals with Enthusiasm’.

Club membership has changed over the years, click HERE for the proposal form that need to be completed for entry to the Club in years gone by.

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