Access and Advocacy

NZAC in partnership with Aotearoa Climbing Access Trust (ACAT) aims to establish and maintain positive and sustainable relationships between landowners, route developers, climbers and other land users to ensure ongoing access to rock climbing in New Zealand. Through our ACAT partnership, framework and supporting documentation, NZAC aims to inform all stakeholders of their role in relation to rock climbing access, encourage them to manage their impact on each other and to ensure minimal environmental impact and the highest level of safety.

Rock Climbing Information

NZAC 1. Rock Climbing Access Framework_Dec 2017

The following documents should be read in tandem with the above:

NZAC 2. Landowner Guidelines_Dec 2017

NZAC 3. Bolting Standards_Dec 2017

NZAC 4. Code of Conduct for Rock Climbers Dec 2017


Ski Touring Information

Backcountry Touring Access Guidelines

Mountain Safety Council - Backcountry Snowsports

Walking Access Maps - for public access information