Code of Conduct

1. Scope

This code relates to all members of the New Zealand Alpine Club (NZAC) when acting as members or otherwise as representatives of the NZAC (together “us”, “our” or “we”). It covers all interactions including attendance at meetings, functions, events, training, communications in all forms, use of any NZAC facility or service and any field activity. NZAC reserves the right to update this policy at any time.

2. Values

We aim to uphold the highest standards of behaviour, conduct and courtesy. Our code of conduct reflects what we would look for in a climbing partner: safe, responsible, friendly, reliable, inclusive and honest.

3. Behaviours

We will:

  • act safely and responsibly, and encourage others to do so also
  • be impartial, courteous and respectful in our dealings with other people and organisations
  • act with honesty and integrity
  • behave in a manner that maintains the good reputation of NZAC
  • act inclusively and collaboratively
  • be environmentally responsible
  • challenge any behaviour that breaches this code

We will not:

  • act with the intention to harm the reputation of NZAC or other people or organisations
  • engage in any form of harassment, intimidation, bullying or discrimination against any other person or organisation
  • misuse or abuse any NZAC facility or service