High Alpine Skills Course

Please see the information below for the 2020/21 summer season. Details for 2021/22 will be released soon.

Who is this course for?

The High Alpine Skills Course (HASC) is a six-day course designed for those who already have some alpine climbing experience in New Zealand, and have familiarity with lead climbing on rock or indoors. Ideally, they will have taken part in an Intermediate Snowcraft Course with the NZAC or similar organisation, and have embedded their knowledge with further alpine climbing trips in New Zealand.
The ability to carry a heavy pack for several days at a time is mandatory and all those who register for the course must have a suitable level of fitness.

At a MINIMUM, those wishing to register for the HASC must be capable of:

• Fitting and adjusting crampons quickly
• Putting on a harness quickly
• Tying the rope into a harness with a recognised knot quickly
• Lead climbing on easy bolted climbs
• Belaying a lead climber safely
• Abseiling
• Knots: figure 8, bowline, prussik, clove hitch, Italian hitch, tape knot, alpine butterfly
• Coiling a rope quickly
• Confidence with the use of an ice axe and crampons, including self-arresting and step cutting
• Carrying a heavy pack (15-20kg) for several days at a time.

The course will be run with up to 4 students in a maximum 1:4 guide to student ratio, headed by a fully qualified IFMGA or NZMGA Climbing Guide. All participants must agree to follow the guide’s instructions and directions.
The course fee includes accommodation at Unwin lodge the night before the course start date and flights to and from the course location – most commonly into Tasman Saddle – although your instructor may choose an alternative location if weather dictates.