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A role of the New Zealand Alpine Club is to advocate for climbers and for access to the New Zealand mountains. As the club is often looked to for guidance on bolting matters, a bolting position is considered useful and necessary. It should be noted that NZAC is not a regulatory body. The club advocates for informed, responsible decision making by climbers. NZAC has developed a ‘Code of Conduct for Rock Climbers’ and can facilitate discussion amongst climbers and other parties. The Code of Conduct can assist local climbers, landowners and the wider community to make decisions on bolting. Applications to the NZAC bolting fund will be considered with reference to the Code of Conduct. This will also be used to assist the Club in formulating a position and making submissions on National Park Management Plans, land use and planning policies, and on bolting issues as they arise.

NZAC 4. Code of Conduct for Rock Climbers Oct 2020

The following documents should be read in tandem with the above:

NZAC 1. Access Framework_Dec 2017

NZAC 2. Landowner Guidelines_Dec 2017

NZAC 3. Bolting Standards_Oct 2020


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