Map showing exclusion zone

Homer Saddle Rock Blasting Friday 19th March

An update on the Homer Saddle/Mt Moir rock scaling team:

Small scale rock blasting is planned for Friday morning 19th March 2021 above the Homer Tunnel as part of managing rockfall risk for the Milford Road. Blast works are scheduled for 9:00 to 9:30am and 11:00am to 11:30am. Please distribute this information as recreationalists planning on accessing the area may be impacted by these temporary closures. We will start our final area checks from 8:30am and please ask for recreationalists to avoid the area until midday to avoid delaying works. From midday Friday and for the rest of the good weather window no blast or scaling works are planned, allowing for full access to all climbing / recreational areas. Closure times have been limited to reduce the impact on recreationalist use of the area. We appreciate the climbing communities understanding to allow us to complete these works safely. Part of this planning has included working with Milford Sound cruise companies to factor in their sailing departure times for the day.   

The attached image annotates the approximate Blast Exclusion Zone for Friday morning. The road will be temporally closed for these two 30 minute times.

Please contact us on 03 249 7004 with any questions.