Tales of Terror - featuring our very own Aspiring Hut

It is one of those cold, dark nights you read about, when things go awry.  A misty fog that disorientates has been my only companion for hours as I walked through the valley.  Any feelings of euphoria from a climb well sent were long gone.

Tired and hungry I push hard against the heavy wooden door that appears in the gloom. It creaks open and the musty odour of a room deserted long ago hits me. The bone weariness of a day spent trudging endlessly takes over, cold beans from a can is all I can muster for a meal.

Finally warm, belly full, snuggled into my sleeping bag, my head torch flickers out, and I fall into half sleep listening to Tales of Terror from The Dirtbag Diaries.

Listen in to three stories that will send shivers down your spine, click here (if you dare!).

The sound of a chair scraping on the floor jolts me back to the here and now.

But I’m alone, I think to myself in the darkness.

Well, I was……

Happy Halloween this weekend trick or treaters