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Support The NZAC Bolting Fund

One of the many great benefits that the Club provides to its members is operation of a bolting fund, which makes grants to members to assist with crag development and maintenance activities. The Club provides a base level of funding for this purpose but the capacity of the fund to support climbing in Aotearoa beyond that base level is dependent on donations. After a busy period over recent months, the fund is starting to run low and would really benefit from your donation!

So, if you clipped a bolt or used a rap anchor this summer or if you just admired from the safety of your armchair the exciting crag development and maintenance activities taking place around the countryside, consider flicking a few bucks into the bolting fund. It will literally go straight back into supporting climbing in New Zealand. How good is that?

Examples of projects recently supported include:

  • Development of moderate multipitch alpine rock routes in the Darrans
  • Crag access improvements and climb development in the Fyfe River Gorge
  • Rebolting at Castle Downs
  • Rebolting at Charleston
  • Rebolting in the Queenstown area

Donate here, or via the button at the top of the page.