rock shoes

Rock Shoes 301

It's time for the third instalment on everything you need to know about rock shoes. This article will be longer, more detailed and more comprehensive than the past iterations.

Just joking, I don't have much more to say about rock shoes in general. But for those who enjoyed the nerding out about rock shoes, here are a few video links you might enjoy:

A breakdown of the shoe choices of the sport climbing competitors in the Tokyo Olympics here.

This is an informative account of the history of climbing shoes. It contains a few inaccuracies, but gets bonus points for highlighting the peerless influence of Heinz Mariacher on top end shoes designs.

If you want Adam Ondra's take, he has (a very la Sportiva biased) shoe video here. Given he is as high a performing climber as the world has ever seen, and takes every detail seriously, his thoughts on climbing shoes are probably worth a listen.

And for some entertainment value, here is Ben Cossey's advice on shoe fitting. Ben is, of course, famous as a part-time olympic commentator and first ascentionist of perhaps the world's best route, Groove Train (33).