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Chaeyun Seo In Spain


Chaeyun Seo, a 19 year-old Korean climber who is most known for competition climbing, has had an impressive outdoor trip to Spain. Most notably, Seo made the second female ascent of La Rambla (9a+/36), in Siurana. This route is one of the most famous 9a+ in the world and Margo Hayes (USA) was the first woman to climb it (and the grade), in 2017. Previous to Hayes' ascent, a number of 9a/9a+ climbs had been ascended by Josune Bereziartu and Ashima Shiriashi, but La Rambla was the first confirmed 9a+. The route has had around 25 male ascents, since Ramon Julian Puigblanque established the extension in 2003.

Not resting on her laurels, Seo also onsighted L'antagonista (8c/33) at Montserrat, as well as an onsight of Hidrofobia (8b/31, first onsighted by Katie Brown way back in 1999). She also redpointed another 8c/33 and 8b+/32.

That's a pretty good list for a two week trip.