Climber on crazy hard trad route

Adam Ondra Repeats Bon Voyage (E12/9a)


Adam Ondra has made the first repeat of Bon Voyage, a likely contender for the world's hardest (as in physical difficulty) traditionally-protected rock climb. 

Belay image

The route was established by James Pearson in Annot, France, early last year. Pearson originally declined to grade the route, but later suggested it was E12. Pearson has suggested E12 for a route previously, though this was later suggested as low as E9 by others, so his reticence shouldn't be a surprise. Pearson has since repeated other contenders for the 'world's hardest trad route' crown, such as Jacopo Larcher's Tribe (ungraded).

The repeat took Ondra three sessions of work, with Pearson present to provide information for the first session. After his successful redpoint, Ondra, and there's undoubtedly no more qualified person on the planet to discuss such a topic, described the route as a 'hard 9a', if it had bolts. Placing the gear while climbign the route adds even more difficulty to this.

Difficulty aside, both climbers have praised the route for the quality of the line and climbing, likely putting this route on the bucket list of any aspiring elite allrounder on rock.

Photo by Petr Chodura, from Adam Ondra's Instagram.