Sunrise on Taranaki



The Taranaki Section is a small active section based in the North Island of New Zealand.

To help you to meet others with similar interests and to catch up with committee members, to discuss what you would like to gain from being a member, we recommend you attend a section meeting and check out our section Facebook Page


You can check our Facebook page by clicking here for information about upcoming meetings and events.


Chairman: Fletcher Miles email
Vice Chairman: Dave Bolger – 027 558 2691
Secretary/Treasurer – Mark Hall – 06 758 8787
Committee Members
Juliet Larkin
Phil Davies: 06 759 4657
Ange Hampton


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The release of the coroner's report on the deaths of two climbers on Taranaki in 2021 has highlighted the particular danger of this mountain.

The NZAC Ski Touring Meet is a fun sociable weekend, and a great opportunity to...