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Canterbury Westland is the Club’s largest section, based in Christchurch. Christchurch has always had a large number of climbers and club members, with diverse interests. The Section enjoys a historical and friendly rivalry with the Canterbury Mountaineering Club (CMC). Many climbers are members of both clubs. The Canterbury Westland section looks after the Arthurs Pass Lodge.

For more information, visit our section website :

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Members and the public are welcome to attend the regular section evenings held usually on the second Thursday of the month at 7:30 pm at The Cashmere Club, 50 Colombo St, Christchurch. That’s at the Port Hills end of Colombo Street.


The section runs numerous trips throughout the year and is a great way to meet people and get into the outdoors.


The Canterbury Westland Section has a comprehensive programme of instruction in rock climbing during summer and snow craft in winter. Keep an eye on the section newsletter for details.

Mid-week Rock Climbing

Runs weekly on various evenings. It happens, indoor or outdoors, depending on the weather. An email is sent out to the climbing group at the beginning of the week with details about when, where and who is organizing it. You are also welcome/encouraged to use the climbing group to organize climbing at any time, including weekend trips.

We are also looking for a few more people who are willing to run a mid-week climbing session from time to time. Please put your hand up if you are able to help. Email: Jonothan Tye  

Mid-week Mountaineering

The mid-week group are mainly fairly mature mountaineers who still manage to plod up a few peaks, usually on Wednesdays, depending on the weather. If you are interested in joining us, please email Pat Pendergast or phone 337 0 079.

Section Library

The contents of the C/W Section library can be found online here: (Note: There is a list of DVDs on the second tab of the spreadsheet).

If you would like to borrow a book or DVD then please email John Roper-Lindsay and he can arrange a good time to meet – preferably at a Section meeting. You must have a current NZAC membership card to borrow and we will take a $10 refundable bond for each DVD borrowed. We expect books to be returned within 2 months of the date of borrowing, and DVDs within 2 weeks, and returned either at a section meeting or to John.

Gear Hire


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Oskar Wolff has been applying his considerable strength to some hard boulders lately. After sending Fatal Flaw (V13) and a few other rarely-climbed boulders, he sent in this report:

At a small gathering on Saturday 29th April NZAC President Clare Kearney presented Tā Tipene


Fast approaching is the increasingly popular National Indoor Bouldering Series (NiBS) for 2023, now fully...

It is with great sadness that NZAC acknowledges the passing of veteran member Geoff Harrow

Kapiti Coast climber Oskar Wolff (18) is on a summer road trip and has already...
Christchurch climber Enzo Murray has made the first ascent of a new line in Christchurch's...
With the residency of ‘The Three Musketeers’ (Alec McCallum, Isaac Buckley and Matt Corbishley) out...
Maintaining their momentum for establishing hard, high and scary rigs—the Castle Hill Basin iconic duo...

Open to all, this meet will be based out of the club lodge in Arthurs...

This bouldering season our man on the ground in the Basin, Scott Jury, is providing...